Alluvial meadow restoration floodplain Warsaw Natura 2000 łąka Warszawa
About the project – goals and actions

Vistula river meadow restoration project is carried out on the area of nearly 70ha on both banks of  queen of Polish rivers. It aims at suppressing alien, invasive plant species and increasing the biodiversity. The project is also an answer to need of improving flood effects mitigation program in the Poland’s capitol. The project is larglly finaced with the funds from the EEA grant.

Here you will also find a brief information on the „river of flowers

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Vistula River specifics – on project areas  

A 3 million people agglomeration – Warsaw is divided by queen of Polish rivers – Wisła. Partly unregulated, wild banks of river are a part of Natura 2000 network, area stretching along the river for a little more than 200 km. More about the specifics of the area animal and plant species can be also found here

Vistula river banks are covered by grasslands, riparian forest, alluvial meadows which makes it a unique habitat for law protected species of birds and plants. A part of one of the project areas has been sawn with a wild flower seeds in the meandring string shape.  It will supports biodiversity of the place as well as the international project of „Rivers of flowers„. Here you will find project areas decryption and their locations.