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Żerań Łąka nad Wisłą Warsawa meadowa on Vistula river banks meadow restoration


The area over grown with few number of old poplars and willows. The terrain has been forgotten for many years. The open spaces has overgrown with Goldenrod and Ash-leaved maple. Work on the area included reduction of number of young invasive maples and mowing the area.

The first and pleasing outcome is mouse garlic Allium angulosum L. showing up (on the picture above).

It is also a place of meadow restoration experiment. On six fields methods of meadow restoration are being tested.

River of flowers, Warsaw Vistula meadow restoration

Goledzinów – River of flowers

In 2010 a 42ha allotment area has been wiped out by flooding river. There area has be cleared of bungalows and fences and became a remote close to nature recreational area. A part of that area has been prepared by cultivator in meandering string shape creating a “River of flowers”. To the mixture of seeds of native wildflowers characteristic to alluvial meadows, seeds of poppies and cornflower has been added. That was done for a spectacular visual effect in the first year.

Although the area is often visited by runners and cyclists it is one of very few areas in Warsaw where protected specious of bird corn crake Crex Crex can be heard.

ZOO Warsaw meadows on Vistula river banks


Gocław Łąka Warszaw restoration wild flower meadows on Vistula river banks


Łąka ul.Rodzynkowa restoration of meadows on Warsaw Vistula river banks


Vistula Warsaw city meadow restoration project

Czerniakowski Harbor

Łąki Wilanów Restoring meadows on the banks of Vistula river in Warsaw.

Wilanow meadows