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About the project – goals and actions.

Vistula river meadow restoration project is carried out on the area of nearly 70ha on both banks of  the river. Among many the main aim is suppressing alien, invasive plant species and increasing the biodiversity on the areas protected under Nature 2000 European directive. The project is also an answer to need of improving flood effects mitigation program in the Polish capitol.

Floodplain meadows has been present in Warsaw’s landscape for many centuries as a result of pastures greasing or mowing. For many reasons this activates has stopped and well-kept, species rich meadows are subjected to vegetation succession, overgrowing with invasive species of herbs, grasses and trees. Fast growing plants in many cases create large areas of monocultures negatively influencing the balance in flora and fauna. More about the management and threats of alluvial meadows.

The aim of the project “Restoration of flood-meadows in Special Protection Area Natura 2000 “Dolina Środkowej Wisły” (PLB 140004) in Warsaw the is to minimize the spread of Giant goldenrod Solidago Canadensis, Canadian goldenrod S. gigantea , Ash-leaved maple Acer negundo. This is done by restoring and enhancing the proper state of habitat in seven chosen areas along the river by increasing the number and diversity of flowering species and reducing the pressure of non-native invasive plants.

The effect of the project will be creation of mosaic landscape with tress, bushes and species rich meadows on the periodically flooded terrains.

To attain the goals we have undertaken a variety of measures described below.

Projekt dofinansowany z funduszy EOG
Beneficjent: m.st. Warszawa
Poziom dofinansowania: 85%
Kwota dofinansowania: 1359 787,50 PLN

Projekt : „Restytucja łąk zalewowych na warszawskim odcinku OSOP Natura 2000 Dolina Środkowej Wisły (PLB 140004)” dofinansowany jest ze środków pochodzących z Mechanizmu Finansowego Europejskiego Obszaru Gospodarczego 2009-2014 w ramach Programu Operacyjnego PL02 „Ochrona różnorodności biologicznej ekosystemów”.

Projekt realizowany jest przez m.st. Warszawę oraz Uniwersytet Warszawski
Warszawa Grant Uniwersytet Warszawski

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